Credit enRICHment

Time is money and having a system that will put you back in control of your credit profile is the smartest investment you can make. Our Credit EnRICHment program differs in how we utilize the laws of The Fair Credit Reporting Act(FCRA) which requires Credit Bureaus to distinctively verify your Accounts resulting from inquiry. We’ve all seen the many credit breaches over the years and even the bureaus themselves have been breached. By using a proprietary system our organization speeds-up this process and you will see results in as fast as 21* days. Our proprietary system will allow us to extract Bankruptcies, Child support, Student loans, Repossessions, Collections and inquiries.

Financial Wellness/Business Start-Up Loan

We work with a diverse group of business owners, each with unique needs and circumstances, and are able toprovide loans when traditional sources cannot. We provide Business/Commercial financing up to $5 Billion. We at Next Level deal with over 120+ Financial Platforms for your funding needs. With over 25 years of experience providing affordable and personalized loans to entrepreneurs.

Investment Platform

We help our valued clients with servicing their debt by offering various Investment cash flowing opportunities. Our goal is to make sure we provide a well-balanced strategic plan to create a net positive cashflow on a monthly basics.


Works for one simple reason: It removes the economic incentive for a person, and that person’s attorney, to pursue (SUE) you. It really is that simple. What is not simple is how you go about accomplishing removing the economic incentive.

Digital Marketing Platform

One of the reasons why digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing channels is the ability of Internet marketing tools to interact with targeted audiences in real time. Engagement in any form is what your customers expect to receive when interacting with your brand or business.

SBA Term Loan

The SBA provides guarantees to Next Levels Direct lender in order to mitigate their loss risk. This allows our direct banking sources to make loans to our small businesses clientele that otherwise wouldn’t be able to qualify.


We specialize in mortgage protection life insurance, Maximum Premium Indexing, final expense life insurance, retirement planning through universal life policies and retirement protection through the use of fixed index annuities.

Exit Strategy

Maximizing your business valuation to position the company for the highest Sale, Merger or Acquisition to secure the owner the best and most profitable exit.

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